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It's very likely that the first typing tests were administered back in the mid 1800's when the typewriter started to become a regular fixture in the U.S. and European workplace. Up until then, penmanship was the most important clerical skill a person could have, but the introduction of the typewriter changed all of that.

Touch typing skills became so much in demand that typing tests were part of almost every job interview for office workers. Typists bragged about their typing speed which were calculated in words per minute (WPM). Average speeds of 50 to 60 WPM became the entry-level requirement, and speeds of 80 to 100 WPM were demanded of executive assistants.

Today, most people use computers, and the typewriter has become a fixture in the corner of the mail room in most places. But that doesn't mean that typing skills are no longer needed, or that typing tests are obsolete. In fact, where typing speed and accuracy were once required only by administrative and clerical personnel, almost every job today requires being able to use a computer keyboard accurately. And that makes typing tests more important than ever!

A typing test measures both the speed and accuracy of a typist under timed conditions. It's not acceptable to be fast and sloppy, or slow and accurate. You have to be the best at both.

If you have never taken a typing test before, you certainly don't want your first one to be at a job interview. You'll be under enough pressure without having to deal with unfamiliar testing. That's why many people are taking advantage of the free online typing tests that are available on the Internet.

When you use a free online typing test web site, no one knows how you did on the typing test but you. That eliminates all of the pressure, and it gives you a heads-up on how well you'll score on an employer's typing test. Even if you think you are a good typist, it's always a good idea to take a free online typing test just to make sure.

In my opinion, the best typing tests are those that were designed by typists, for typists. That's why I always recommend taking a free typing test at Free Typing Test. The people who developed this typing test understand the pressures of the marketplace and their free typing test reflects their understanding.

Taking the test couldn't be easier. You simply set up a free account, log in, and start taking the free typing test. If your score is high then you're all set. If not, don't despair! There are plenty of free online typing games and typing tutor programs available, and you can increase your speed and accuracy with a little bit of practice.

Every now and then you simply come back to Free Typing Test and take the free typing test again. Once you're happy with your results, you can go to any job interview and be sure of acing their typing test.

Go ahead; see for yourself how quick and easy it is to take a free online typing test. Visit Free Practice Typing Test and get started right now.
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