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I.Q. Tests

What is your IQ?
Find out by taking a free PhD-certified test (IQ test labs)
A free T/F type online IQ test. Features a built-in 10-minute timer and an automatic score system.

Majon's Online IQ Test Section
I like the music too!

45 min to complete !

Adult IQ Test

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Personality Tests

Ultimate Personality Test and then get your 10-page Personality Report.

3 Sides of You
Formerly Ansir for One, a serious and ACCURATE ( 30 min ) personality profile test. Highly regarded

The Keirsey Temperament Sorter
I'm a Guardian Provider!

Teen and Child Personality Test
Complete this personality test to better understand your son or daughter.
The questionnaire can be used to describe a child, adolescent, teen, or adult.

Close Relationship Personality Test
Complete the questionnaire below to better understand your relational style!
This questionnaire has been developed by psychologists who study close relationships.

My Life Goals
This survey is designed to study the goals and aspirations that people set.

Organizational Diagnostics Online
Personality test that says "The first personality test on the internet that provides comprehensive feedback written by psychologists!"

Personality Test like Myers-Briggs
Personality Test like Myers-Briggs & Keirsey Personality Tests

IPIP NEW-PI Personality Test
IPIP NEW-PI Personality Test Believed to be the test that will replace the MBTI as the primary valid personality testing instrument.

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Love and Sex Tests

2ofaKind Online Matchmaking
Connect with your perfect penpal or soulmate using the most unique & powerful match system online featuring over 150 match options, weekly analysis reports, anonymous email, live chat & free registration!

SEX Program Quiz
The BrainTricks SEX Program Quiz

Sexuality Color Test
What is your Sexual Color Personality?

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Computer Tests

Free Home Typing Test
I really think this is neat - JavaScript will actually give you a typing test and then tell you the results in words per minute! (2 min)

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Health Tests

Try the Following AA Quiz
See if You (or a family member) may have a problem with alcohol.

Test your Smoking IQ
From the American Association for Respiratory Care

Workingstiff Stress-o-meter
Our super computer is specially calibrated to measure the precise amount of stress you are experiencing in your work environment.

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Political Tests

World's Smallest Political Quiz
Fed up with Left/Right labels? Use the improved political compass to test your identity by taking the World's Smallest Political Quiz

Political Matchmaker
Do a test that helps you choose a political party.

Career : Education Tests

The Entrepreneur Test
Test Do you have what it takes ? ( 10 questions )

Free Career Test
Are you in the right job?

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Miscellaneous Tests

"New Age" Test
Become a certified " Master of New Age Philosophy"

IRC Purity Test.
How pure are you on-line ?

Self Improvement Quotient Test
It will help you to see yourself more clearly and know where you can deepen your understanding

Other "Purity" Tests

Bible Quizzes.
How well do you know the Bible ?

Fast Weather Forecasts
Find the Weather for any City, State , Zipcode, or Country. Serious and fun!
Visit this site once a day and click the donate button. A unit of food for starving children will be paid for by a corporate sponsor. You CAN make a difference!

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