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Soup Personality Test (1min)
Are you a Purposeful Traditionalist, Free-Spirited Enthusiast or Cautious Connoisseur?

Typing Test
This is fun and serious! In a few seconds it will actually give you a typing test and then tell you the results in words per minute!

Take a FUN, Accurate and Interactive Personality Test today!

Sexuality Color Test ( 10 seconds ! )
What does your favorite color say about you?

The 100 Question Love Test
5 Minute Fun Test

Quiz Stop
Does he/she love you? Are you in love? Find out with these new "sliding" tests!

The Birth Test
Your birth date describes who you are, what you are good at and what your inborn abilities are. It also points to what you have to learn and the challenges you are facing.

Incredible "soul-mate" finder, this really is a wonderful service!

The Stress Test
If the two dolphins look different to you, you need a rest!

The Densa Quiz!
How dumb are you?? The obvious answer is the wrong one!
11 questions.

Free Horoscope Reading
Get a FREE personalized report from our Astrologers

Instant Numerology Analysis
This was fun, just put in your name and birthday and it gives a numerology report.

** More Astrology Horoscope Fun, click here!**

Jealousy Test
How jealous are you ?

The Love Psychic Test
Are you a Love Psychic?
Guess whether these couples are headed to the altar
� or to disaster!

Are you Sigmund Freud?
Pop Self-Help Psychology Humor - Test

Discover what your Profession would have been in Medieval Times!

Love and Compatibility Test

Three fast fun personality tests, I like the desert animals one!

Understand Yourself Personality Test
This questionnaire has been developed by psychologists to provide a comprehensive description of personality.

The Harry Potter Sorting Hat Personality Test
Complete the questionnaire below to find your Hogwarts house!�
This quiz is based on a test developed by professional psychologists.
� It can be used to describe children, adolescents, and adults of any age.

The Sims Personality Test
What's your virtual personality: Neat freak? Couch potato? Socialite?
Take this test and get scored on each of the five personality dimensions used in The Sims

Fast Weather Forecasts
Find the Weather for any City, State , Zipcode, or Country. Serious and fun!

World's Smallest Political Quiz
Fed up with Left/Right labels? Use the improved political compass to test your identity by taking the World's Smallest Political Quiz

The Email Smile!
Makes someones day, send them a virtual smile!

Virtual Flowers
Makes someones day, send them a bunch of virtual flowers!

FREE Stuff!
New to the University of Life. The best new FREE offers I can find each week ; o )

Certificate Center
New site where you make a novelty degree by University of Life!
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