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Mal Emery

Mal Emery's REBELLIOUS approach to business ANNOYS lots of people, but makes untold RICHES for those smart enough to listen and act on his Street Smart advice.

 Perth based entrepreneur Mal Emery has won national recognition with his "Street Smart" money making strategies, helping people in dozens of different industries to turn their businesses into money making machines.

 Well known for his remarkable ability to think outside the square, Mal ventured into his first business at the age of 22 when he was fired from a job, which stifled and frustrated the already budding entrepreneur within. This was a challenging time for Mal because not only did he have the commitment of repayments on a new house and land package to honour, the birth of his first child was imminent!

Sold out in 13 Months with
Almost Enough $$$ to Pay off His House!

 He rose to the occasion and applying the steely focus he has become known for, turned his first venture into a resounding success in record time. So successful in fact, that when he sold this business only 13 months later, he had almost enough money to pay for his entire house and land package, which he had expected to paying off over the next twenty years.

 Mal had discovered a latent passion - for business! Over the next two decades, Mal went on to buy and sell some 16 different businesses, using his uniquely potent style of marketing. He allowed no time for the grass to grow under his feet as each of these businesses was sold within a short space of time, allowing him to move forward to the next enterprise! One such business, a run down café, he bought for $30,000 and sold 5 months later for $230,000. A lunch bar he bought for $145,000 sold 18 months later for $385,000.

Mal Coaches Others to Success

 As a Business Consultant, Mal's profit generating 'buy, build and sell' approach to business has helped many small to medium sized business owners grow their business beyond their dreams. Here are a few examples; the hotel owner who increased his turnover by over $750,000 in 12 months using some of Mal's techniques. The Automotive Repair business that increased sales and profit by 50% in 2 weeks, the pizza shop owner who increased turnover by $3,000 in 3 weeks and sold his business for an extra $80,000. A national Work boot manufacturer credits just ONE of Mals strategies with increasing their turnover to the tune of Millions of $$. And a car rental company increased it's turnover by 75% within 12 months using just three of Mal's strategies.

A Radical Change in Direction
and the Hidden Genius of Mail Order

 In 1997, what Mal refers to as a "silly accident" caused him to radically reassess his direction. Although traditional business had provided him with an enviable lifestyle up to that point, things such as superannuation, rent rises, wages and even negotiating the traffic on the way to work had begun to wear thin. Mal decided to sell the business he currently owned and take some time off to travel with his wife for a few months. As they travelled, Mal formulated a list which specifically covered all the things he considered would represent the perfect business.
These were:

* Minimal staff
* Working from home
* Living wherever he wanted
* The ability to work when he felt like it
* High earning potential
* Minimal risk
* Low start-up costs

 Upon his return he set about finding the perfect business! It was an arduous search and months of traveling and living well had swallowed close to $100,000! Without cash flow to replenish the coffers, Mal became the perfect candidate for temptation and … that's when he made the Silly Mistake that could have been Fatal!

 The temptation presented itself in the form of a run down traditional café business. Mal knew he could 'turn it around' in record time and make some quick $$$. His first mistake was to buy it!

 Only weeks after he had taken over the business, the thermostat on the chip fryer malfunctioned. As the oil in it reached boiling point, it started to smoke and suddenly burst into flames! Chaos reigned in the kitchen as flames began to shoot up the walls and frightened staff members scattered. Mal grabbed a fire blanket and threw it over the flames - but it only partly covered them!

His Second Big Mistake!

 Fearing that the whole place might explode, Mal knew he had to extinguish the angry flames as quickly as possible. He would have to cover all of the fire. He pulled the blanket back towards him so he could throw it again, and with the blanket came burning fat! It splattered over his arms and legs. Mal looked down to see his legs literally on fire - but felt nothing! Still he reached for the blanket and this time his efforts were rewarded when the burning fryer was completely covered. A final burst of the fire extinguisher ensured the fire was no longer a threat and the fire brigade arrived to take control.

 By this time, the flames on his legs had burned out … but the real horror had just begun! Mal suffered 2nd degree burns to his legs and spent the next five weeks flat on his back as his body began the long, slow healing process. Because of the high risk of infection in hospital, he was sent home to let nature do her work. When burns are severe, the ruined flesh dies and must be removed before infection can take hold. The pungent odour of ruined flesh, excrutiating pain and the fact that every time he attempted to put his feet anywhere near the floor, his injured legs bled profusely, combined to make this five of the most difficult - but life changing weeks of his life!

How Did this Change his Life?

 Mal says that the time he spent confined to bed was some of the most productive time of his life, because he used it to acquire KNOWLEDGE! He had considered the Mail Order business many times but deviated from his original plan. Now confined to bed and with the aid of pain killers, he ordered and studied everything he could find on the industry.

 Once healed and ready to embark in a new direction, Mal opened his first Mail Order company. He quickly and typically went on to dominate the mail order industry in Australia. More recently Mal launched an information based mail order business which has gone from zero to over $1.6 million in turnover within 3 years. His is the "hidden genius" behind full-page magazine advertisements and direct mail campaigns you are likely to have received. He has written and published various manuals, audios and videos related to the industry.

Nationwide Seminars

 Mal's ability to "think on his feet" makes him one of the most highly sought after and popular speakers on marketing related topics throughout Australia. His language is straight forward and his presentations combine empathy and humour to achieve rapport with his audiences. Mal says he wants the people who attend his seminars to walk away with actual tools they can apply in their businesses the next day to bring about immediate results. The University of Western Australia invited Mal to run his highly informative seminars as part of their Extension Courses for the public, which were enthusiastically received. Because of constraints on his time however, Mal now focuses his attention exclusively on his own nationwide seminars and Boot Camps.

Astounding DOUBLE Your Money Back Guarantee!

 A series of highly successful of 2 ½ day Marketing and Entrepreneur Boot Camps were held in both Perth and Melbourne. Participants paid up to $3,000 to attend these value packed seminars and although Mal offered a DOUBLE your money back guarantee, not one delegate took him up on his offer. Mal's straight forward style was proclaimed a winner by his audience as he focused on the breakthroughs and systems that he has developed over the last 27 years. Now Mal has thrown down the gauntlet to other presenters! He challenges them to offer the same money back guarantee to their seminar delegates, thereby taking ultimate responsibility for the quality and value content of their seminars.

Mal Emery's "Street Smart" approach surprises those who are used to a more academic style but soon benefits those who act on his advice!

 Mal Emery has become a mentor to many with the benefit of his vast experience and the attitude that one should never stop honing their skills. He says he will continue to be a student of business for the rest of his life. Although his direct response style of marketing surprises those who are used to a more traditional, academic approach, those who act on his advice soon incorporate his strategies as an essential part of doing their business. He has spent what many would consider to be a fortune on expanding his knowledge, regularly travelling to the United States to rub shoulders with the most respected and successful authorities in the direct response industry on a global basis.

What could be so Extraordinary about a Mars Bar??

 But business is not the only area to capture Mal's imagination or indeed his passion! At his recent 2 ½ day Boot Camps in both Perth and Mellbourne. Mal enrolled the cooperation of other presenters at his event to offer their packages and service along with his own and performed a unique and very special auction.

  He began the auction with an ordinary Mars Bar; what made it special were the packages and services offered with it! Within ten minutes Mal had sold more than some people sell in a month! One of Mal's peers dubbed the auction the greatest marketing lesson he had ever seen in his life.! Firstly it was an incredible demonstration of the power of adding value! Secondly it showed the shrewdness in making the bonus the product.

 Mal deftly raised over $30,000 at both Boot Camps with his auction and donated the entire proceeds to the Oncology Wards at Princess Margaret Hospital for Children in Perth and the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne. Mal openly admits to placing emphasis on retaining the 'human' element in his business; his recent Mars Bar auctions bear testament to that.

 Mal stresses to anyone considering investing in one of his information packages that he does not advocate "get rich overnight" schemes as there is really no such thing in legitimate business. His information packages are educational and designed to build up enduring, respectable business based on sound and imaginative business practices. However, when applied diligently, the surprising thing is the simplicity and speed with which this science works; in fact it could almost be described as magic!

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