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       ==============Prosperity Seminars ==============
Our Incredible Money Back Guarantee!

“Ultimate Guarantee”… Stay for the entire weekend, and still get a 100% refund if you’re not completely  satisfied!!!  

If after attending three days of the "Ultimate Prosperity and Personal Success Conference" ….surrounding yourself with the ‘Millionaire Makers’ of business... networking with all the switched-on attendees... absorbing yourself in exclusive handouts and action plans for your liberation and success - If at the end of this event, you feel in any way that you’ve been mis-led ... or you haven’t learned anything that could really make a difference in the amount of money you make and the lifestyle you live...this is what I want you to do:

Pull me or one of my organizers aside at the end of the event, and say “I tell you what guys, I’m not really sure this has been a good investment for me.” And without a single question, we’ll give you 100% of your enrollment fee back.

Also, you can keep the materials and notes, FREE bonus you will be given over the weekend ... FOR NOTHING as our apology for wasting your time.


For Mentor Program:
"After 12 months, if you do not agree that you are far more wealthy than you have ever been (higher net worth), or for any reason you feel the coaching and/or the DVD was any sort of rip-off, we will REFUND 100% of what you have paid and you KEEP the CDs,... no questions asked!"

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