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Anthony Robbins

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The Anthony Robbins Story

For nearly two decades, Anthony Robbins has dedicated his life to discovering the most advanced principles for producing accelerated change. He is the nation's expert in the psychology of peak performance and personal, professional, and organizational "turnaround". He also leads the way in providing cutting-edge tools for individuals wanting to make radical improvements in their careers, emotional well-being, relationships, finances, time management, health and vitality, and professional growth.

While self-help and motivational speakers attempt to motivate people to change, Tony provides an actual method — a scientific tool for self empowerment. Tony has dedicated his life to studying and scrutinizing the success patterns of the world's greatest achievers, and has applied these patterns to the lives of everyday people. He also uses his dynamic skills and proven technologies to help children and the homeless.

Tony consults members of three royal families and provides daily and weekly coaching to several prominent world figures.

He has strived to empower millions of people to improve their lives through his five best-selling books, published in 14 languages, and his acclaimed personal development audio series, Personal Power®, which is the most successful of all time with 25 million cassettes sold in less than five years.

Anthony Robbins has served as a peak performance consultant to the winning 1992 U.S. America's Cup Team, 1993 Stanley Cup finalists, the Los Angeles Kings; 1994 U.S. Open Champion, Andre Agassi; and the 1995 San Antonio Spurs. Robbins has also been a consultant to executives from such Fortune 500 companies as American Express, Xerox, IBM, AT&T, Hallmark and Southwestern Bell. In addition, the U.S. Army has utilized and benefited from Robbins' technologies — and Robbins has advised the President of the United States.

He was selected as a consultant for the regeneration of Sheffield, England and has spoken before members of the British House of Commons and the House of Lords.

In addition to his various accomplishments, Tony also leads the Anthony Robbins Foundation, a nonprofit charitable organization whose volunteers feed more than 125,000 people every Thanksgiving in 65 cities across North America.

Get The Edge

 In his powerful new program, Get The Edge®, Tony Robbins delivers to you the best of what he has learned and the proven strategies that can help virtually anyone achieve anything they desire and experience amazing levels of personal fulfillment in the process. BUILD UNSTOPPABLE MOMENTUM AND LASTING RESULTS WITH THE GET THE EDGE 7-DAY PROGRAM. LEARN HOW TO:

  • Maximize your energy and help restore your body to its natural state of health and vitality.
  • Develop deep and lasting relationships for profound fulfillment.
  • Train your mind and body so that the most powerful emotions you have — your certainty, your faith, your passion, and your determination — are as automatic as breathing.
  • Capitalize on opportunities for achieving financial freedom.
  • Discover an inspiring life purpose that will add a greater depth of meaning to everything you do.


  • Harness the power of decision to turn any dream into reality.
  • Use role models to accelerate the pace of your success.
  • Command the forces of pain and pleasure to compel yourself to follow through.
  • Apply the science of Neuro-Associative Conditioning to permanently change any pattern of thinking, feeling, or behaving. With this in place, the results you want become the results you attain.
  • Complete a goal-setting workshop to focus yourself on what it is you want most in every area of your life.
  • Understand the driving force behind all human behavior — and the six Human Needs that control everything you think, feel and

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What Other are Saying!

Erin Brockovich, Environmental Activist

"My gut and my heart, everything is attracted to his philosophies and he's so much a people person. He's been there. He’s done that. He can speak from experience. He helped me believe in myself."

"I can’t tell you how many times I turn to Tony Robbins and his words, his inspiration, and the difference that they have made for me has been incredible."

Marty Rodriguez, Real Estate Agent, 21st Century
#1 Salesperson for 11 years

"When I started listening to Tony, I started working really hard to be number one because I wanted to be the best. And Tony gave me the skills and the techniques to get there."

Artemis Limpert, lost 32 pounds in 12 weeks

"Because of Tony, it’s amazing to me that an area of my life that’s been such shame could ever be an example and encouragement for anybody else."

Cristina Saralegui, Winner of 13 Emmy Awards
for her talk show "Cristina"

"Tony Robbins is a classic. He will change your life like he changed mine."

Jorge Cruise, Fitness Trainer and best-selling author

"I was able to take his techniques, specific things I haven’t heard anywhere else that gave me an advantage to do what I wanted to do, and do it better and faster."

"It’s going to cause you to really think in a way you’ve probably never thought before. It’s going to wake you up, decide, and do what you love in your life."

Guthy Renker Corporation

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